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13 th October 2009 I joined Rockwell Trading from Austin Texas USA tuesday.

13 th October 2009 I joined Rockwell Trading from Austin Texas USA tuesday.

per year later Sunday 31 st of October 2010 and I also hadn’t made 1 dollar that is US through their techniques. Just How did this happen? See the article below. In there you’ll find some real outcomes of the 6 months We administered ALL of their trades, shadow trading. You may want to check out this video clip on YouTube: From here on we shall also relate to Rockwell Trading as RWT.

We started out by buying the internet Home research Course (presently known as Ultimate Trading Course) which was being offered for just $199,-!

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Apart from that we subscribed to the Live Trading help Room. Making use of the Rockwell Navigator as my trading platform in conjunction with the Live Trading help area provided me with a discount that is nice we began utilising the Rockwell Navigator also Rockwell Navigator is really a spin away from Trade Navigator by Genesis. A business of which Brian Larson’s (moderator at RWT) dad may be the CEO.

Right from the start I became well taken care of by Markus Heitkoetter (CEO Rockwell Trading) and their group (Mandy Ditmire-Willits, Brian Larson, Mark Hodge, etc.). Everyday (standard) e-mails, suggestions about making use of the silver trading software with additional features at additional costs, offers on purchasing more several hundred buck courses on DVD, recommendations to begin a four thousand buck personal mentoring program, etc. I also ended up being agreed to develop into a Rockwell Trading partner, offer their material to my buddies and acquire a portion share associated with earnings! My ideas had been: ”let’s see just what it is all about before we begin spending cash like hell and obtain my buddies involved”. After three months I experiencedn’t made one solitary buck in profits. To not worry I was thinking: ”you need certainly to over come your concern with the market and have now persistence and discipline”.

April 2010. We had been dealing, destroyed anxiety about the marketplace and might dream (or had been it a nightmare?) the Rockwell Trading techniques.

but nevertheless no enhancement into the stability of my trading account. Still only losses and as an added bonus my brokerage costs made my bank statement look a whole lot worse!

Certain I’d some profitable trades, however in the conclusion we constantly wound up with a loss. Each week-end we received “The Week in Review” for which Brian Larson summed up the trades they took into the “Live” Trading help Room (LTSR). Again Brians’ dad, Glen Larson is CEO at Genesis Financial Technologies (Trade Navigator). 99% of the in Reviews showed a profit week! I became near to a breakdown that is nervous! Asking myself: ”why do I also have to choose the trades” that is losing “why can’t we not have a break out of this losing streak”, etc.

Throughout the summer time of 2010 we began in search of alternate trading techniques. Nevertheless I became wondering why i possibly couldn’t make hardly any money with all the Rockwell Trading strategies while RWT revealed earnings somewhere within $100 to $1000 per agreement in each “week in review”!

Therefore from September 20 th 2010 we began to administer each trade Rockwell Trading (Brian Larson) took into the trading that is“Live room (LTSR). Essential to learn that We have never ever seen them using one, no not just one real time trade within the LTSR during those a year! These people were lines that are just drawing entry and exit points regarding the chart. Underneath you’ll discover the results. After fourteen days of losings in a line I made the decision to compare the outcomes for the trading that is“live space because of the outcomes Rockwell Trading communicates within their week in review (WIR). Keep in mind these answers are predicated on trading only one agreement in the after futures: E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Dow, EUR/USD money and US-Treasury that is 30yr Bond. RWT communicates a regular target of $400,- per agreement.

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