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Sex and love APK Android Os Adult Game Latest Version Down Load

Sex and love APK Android Os Adult Game Latest Version Down Load

Adore & Intercourse Second Base APK Android os is really a dating sim in which a geeky man (hopefully you) extends to be r mmate with two hot girls and meet others in is everyday life. The primary reason for the game their to obtain happy and perhaps marry the lady of the damp goals, to take action you need to make alternatives and elevate your stats.

The video game is organized around a 12 months of 4 months/seasons (summer time, autumn, spring, cold temperatures) of thirty days with breaks, the protagonist and girls have birthdays and that can respond consequently aided by the calendar. He can get in trouble, the game has a date and a phone systems so you can invite girls to dates, ask their numbers and send them dirty texts moreso they can react to each others and if the player is two timing. The hero lives in a little household and work a boring office work in a cubicle, through the length of the video game he has the chance to obtain promoted. Each woman has her very own routine and it is at various places at different occuring times, dressed differently and achieving various tasks, once the hero fulfills a girl they can speak with her, offer her gift ideas, match her, ask her on times, ask her quantity or her birthday celebration… The old create associated with the game as been shelved and will also be changed by a brand new and improved variation with better art and tale may 6.


  • Cheat menu is enabled in this variation, you ought to think it is as a choice as being a relevant concern mark when you l k at the family area choices
  • Pictures
  • Changelogs
  • Walkthrough

v18.09.1 This is actually the last content for this version – 3 sex scenes – 6 tale events (including pregnancy) – 2 date places (house and shopping mall) – Dynamic piercings and pubes (don’t show on CG yet) – 5 secondary girls (Kleio, Anna, Audrey Dating site, Aletta, Natalie) – Hint system – Dynamic sexy swimsuit for Sasha – Dynamic sexy swimsuit for Samantha – 4 new backgrounds (church, Sasha’s bed r m, hallway, recording studio) – 2 new clothes for Samantha (wedding gown, sexy swimsuit) – paid down the dimensions of the game to 71 Mo

v18.09.2 – Ryan – Getting caught – More kink for Bree

kyle hanagami dating

v18.11.2 – Lexi* – 1 sex that is new – Bugfixes for Samantha

v18.12.1 – brand new woman Anna – New woman Hanna (dialogues to be achieved) – New guy Shawn – 4 sex that is new – 6 brand new story activities – enhanced cinema date – Hindrances – Improved work activities – purchase & use condoms – Girls may be regarding the tablet – Date cancelation – Pregnancy for Lexi – 8 brand new activities – 4 new spaces – New product Medicine – New item medications – Lexi, Anna and Kleio drinking CG – Danny striking on Audrey CG – Smartphone chibis – present occasions for all your girls – Save cross compatibility between Patreon and Public editions – Lesbian, attributes & location cheat – Fixed some bugs – Aletta is now general public

v19.1.1 – 5 new sex scenes (7 art pieces)* – 17 brand new tale events* – 3 brand new woman teasers – 1 brand new history – Kissing Kleio* – Pregnancy for Kleio* – Kissing Samantha – Samantha wedding improvements – New dialogues for Hanna* – brand new dialogues for Lexi* – brand new dialogues for Kleio* – Watch television improvements – Even less randomness choice

Variation 19.2.1e – New girl Shiori* – 4 sex that is new – 13 new tale events* – 1 new background* – Kissing Anna* – consuming with Hanna* – brand new UI – Corrected some bugs * Patreon version just (at the very least partially)

v19.3.2 -Bugfixes -Reona the slutty gyaru’s event that is first

v19.4.1 – brand new woman Kylie – New woman stat Yandere – New dating scene Consuming a burger – 4 brand new tale activities – New traits – New item – Lesbian, Yandere and Morality notifications – Remove pregnancy in the mode that is cheat

v19.4.1e Bugfixes

v19.5.1e – New girl Lavish – 5 brand new sex scene – 5 brand new tale activities – 8 new icons – Jesus mode deactivation when you l k at the cheat mode – bugfixes

v19.5.3 – Sasha’s pregnancy – 2 sex that is new – 4 brand new story event – Collar for Sasha – Bugfixes

v19.7.3b – New skill Sh ting – Pregnancy, sexy swimsuit and collar for Aletta & Hanna – 5 brand new CG – 12 brand new tale activities – New dialogues for Aletta, Audrey & Shiori – bad sub has become Sasha & Aletta only – Fixes

V19.8.1e New that is– woman – Brand new teaser girl Ayesha – 250 brand new lines of voiced dialogue – Rewritten Bree’s after date sex scene – Anal sex with Bree – 6 new CGs – 15 brand new activities – Fixes

v19.10.1a – New art for Lexi – brand new sub dialogues for Bree – reputation updates for the girls – After date intercourse , collar and maternity for Cassidy – brand new clothes for Bree & Sasha designer wedding dresses – Endings for Bree, Samantha and Sasha – brand new present from Kylie – Kissing scenes for Bimbo Sasha and Cassidy – 22 story activities – 5 brand new activities – 8 new CG – 4 brand new things – 10 brand new random activities at your workplace – 5 random activities during park times – 105 new lines of spoken dialogues – Fixes Compatibility notes This up-date just isn’t appropriate for previous saves (sorry dudes, I required brand new features for many associated with the new material).

v19.11.a – New cheat commands – 7 brand new CG – 5 brand new expressions for Sasha – 17 brand new story occasions – 1 brand new skill rub – 1 brand new item Massage b k – 24 brand new random events during times – Fixes & brand new insects

v19.12.1 – New smartphone option B ty call – Being belated to dates – brand new road, alley and park backgrounds – Updated Sasha sex scenes (doggy, missionary, stay, bj) – Pregnancy for Audrey and Kylie – Released the kraken! – Kissing scenes for Kylie, Audrey, Aletta and Shiori – Spanking scene for Palla – Updated pub date scenes – Sexy swimsuit and collar for Audrey and Kylie – performing dart art during pub times – Comprehensive rewrite of Kylie’s activities – New art that is missionary Kylie – Doggy and cowgirl with Kylie – lots of smallish material

v19.12.2 – New expression for Sasha – brand new intercourse scene with Sasha – Updated milk scene for Shiori – Updated bitches scene for Bree & Sasha – New event for Ayesha

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