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Jessica Marie Prescott is really a fictional character who is the primary protagonist and title character in JESSIE.

Jessica Marie Prescott is really a fictional character who is the primary protagonist and title character in JESSIE.

Jessie Prescott

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She actually is sweet, caring, smart, clever and courteous who is able to state things that are silly times, but she nevertheless cares about her charges. Jessie does not sound right sometimes it is nevertheless a great individual become around. She considers herself an actress that is struggling she hasn’t actually acted at all. She really loves Luke Ross, Emma Ross, Zuri Ross and Ravi Ross like they are her very own household.

Jessie had been portrayed by Debby Ryan.


Jessie’s arrival in Ny.

Jessie was born & raised in San Antonio which is into the city of Killeen, Texas. Her dad’s in the Marine Corps and she frequently defines him to be strict but soft. Jessie attended boarding that is military from ages 6 to 18.

Jessie is a very warm-hearted, friendly, type and fun young woman to be around, but this woman is sometimes rather clumsy. She’s always willing to assist others, especially the Ross children, and attempts her most useful to accomplish objectives. Even though she could possibly get exceptionally annoyed and jealous oftentimes, Jessie does her best to produce things right by the end. She’s notably naive and almost never m dy. She defines her life that is romantic to very embarrassing and sad and states that she’s never ever been on a date where something has not gone incorrect. She has a fear of Port-a-Potties, but she gets over it in A Doll’s Outhouse. In Star Wars it’s revealed she dislikes rats. Jessie is an idealistic, positive, well-rounded starry-eyed teenager who does her best to aim high. She had been a right A student and course of 2011 sch l that is high in sch l. Not only this, but she’s a squeaky clean record. She understands how exactly to fly a helicopter and really loves music. Despite being friendly, she could be threatening and aggressive, when others push her to her limitations. Regardless of this, she nearly always does the thing that is right. She really loves the young young ones a lot and is always supporting them during their hardest. They are encouraged by her to complete their finest, and offers them with guidance, because is observed in many episodes. This shows her g d character. Jessie’s relative Bailey has got the precise exact same personality as her.


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Jessie has skin that is fair long light auburn hair with bangs, and hazel eyes. She’s got a round, plump face and full lips. She’s got a curvy human anatomy. She often curls her hair that is medium-length but can be seen with straight locks in a few episodes. She also offers a strong, strong, and effective create. Her outfits are often colorful, and she wears both dresses and blouses, jeans, tights, etc. Jessie’s many type that is worn of seems to be b ts and sandals, and she actually is extremely hardly ever seen using sneakers. She’s considered to be very pretty. In most episodes, she is constantly putting on heels that are high.


Emma Ross

Emma and Jessie seeing Jordan Taylor for the time that is first.

(Season 1-4; Client, Best friends)

Emma and Jessie are friends who tell one another every thing. Emma sometimes calls Jessie ugly and says she has a bad taste in fashion but really loves her and she becomes mean to her back. (See Jemma)

Luke Ross

(period 1-4; Client, Best friends )

While Jessie takes no interest that is romantic Luke whatsoever, through the first season Luke is consistently trying to ask her out and flirt with her. Throughout the second season, Luke appears to recognize that this woman isn’t interested, but every now and then tries to flirt along with her. While they don’t have a partnership, they’ve been both friendly to one another. However, in Diary Of the Mad Newswoman, it can be noticed she’s more interested in his crush on her than she is in other episodes. (See Lessie)

Ravi Ross

(Season 1-4; Client, close friends)

Since Ravi is normally picked on by one other kids (Luke is usually the ringleader), Jessie sticks up it is shown that Jessie cares for Ravi very much and loves him very much and are g d friends for him and solves the problem. (See Javi)

Zuri Ross

(Season 1-4; Client, Best friends)

She and eastmeeteast free Jessie possess a close relationship that is sisterly-like. Jessie gets concerned whenever Zuri talks to her imaginary friends an excessive amount of or doesn’t do her homework at all, but Zuri still listens to her. fundamentally. Jessie always has her back whenever she gets bullied. For instance, into the World open Web of Lies, Jessie defends Zuri when she gets harassed by Agatha and Axol. At in other cases, Jessie attempts to get Zuri to listen to her, but almost every attempt fails, like in Badfellas, Zuri will not leave her tree, Branchy, in Central Park, no matter how often times Jessie forced her to do so. Also, Jessie was the only person to discover more on Zuri’s amazing chess skills. Overall, they’ve a friendship that is wonderful. (See Zessie)

Bertram Winkle

(Season 1-4; Co-Worker, Best friends)

Jessie usually involves Bertram for advice regarding assisting the young kids down with their problems. Bertram frequently gives her answers that involve being lazy, however they give Jessie ideas that are g d. While Bertram shows himself never to want Jessie around, he thinks of as family members, and he truly does care down the aisle posing for her father on her wedding day (There Goes the Bride) about her as a friend and is even willing to walk her. (See Bessie)

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